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Western Maritime Express maintains a fleet of 40 trucks that service California, Arizona and Nevada with round trip, container-direct drayage. We also have flatbed, step-deck and double drop equipment at our disposal.

Western Maritime Express can coordinate the transportation of oversize equipment  from any of the lower 48 states to Long Beach / Los Angeles harbors. We can pick up equipment from your location, secure it to a flat rack, and assist you with arranging transportation on the steamship line to its final destination abroad.

Likewise, we can pick up oversized equipment from Long Beach / Los Angeles harbors to be delivered via an over the road truck to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Western Maritime Express  has over 90 tri-axle chassis which allow us to haul overweight 20 foot containers from Long Beach / Los Angeles harbors for delivery to anywhere in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Our tri-axle chassis will allow you to load 21,000 Kilos (46,300 lbs.) into a 20 foot ocean container, which is an additional 8,000 to 9,000 pounds more than a standard port chassis. By the time you ship 5 containers at that weight, you have actually shipped a container for free!

Our tri-axle chassis are popular with our customers that haul dense materials such as:

  • marble
  • ceramic tile
  • slate
  • metal
  • canned food
  • floor-loaded 50 lb bags (Apex 800)
  • coils of wire

Equipment available for oversize commodities:

  • Hyster 360
  • Crane
  • Double Drop Flatbeds
  • Lowboy Flatbeds
  • Regular Flatbed


Freight Brokerage

For transportation needs that we cannot immediately fill with our own equipment, we offer a great value with our sister company, K&C Logistics, LLC. K&C offers full service freight brokerage within the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. We have contacts at all the major seaports, who provide intermodal drayage and transloading services. We can coordinate inland transportation and have access to a nearly unlimited fleet of vans, flatbed, step-deck, reefer and all sorts of heavy haul equipment. We also have rail contracts and can offer intermodal and 'piggy-back' service to rail terminals all over the country.  Western Maritime and K&C Logistics is your one-stop transportation shop!


Our Hyster Lifting Equipment

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Warehousing and Transloading

When the inland destination (for import loads) or origin (for export loads) is outside of our regular service area, we offer transloading services. This is a generally the most economical solution for moving intermodal freight over longer distances. We have a wide variety of equipment at our facility, from standard 5,000 and 10,000 lb forklifts to two 36,000 lb Hyster forklifts. We can transload anything from standard palletized goods to large, heavy machinery. We also have the experience and know-how to secure large pieces to flatracks and/or open top containers.

Our Long Beach facility is used for transloads, devans, storage, oversize flat rack loading and fixing damaged loads (overweight, broken pallets, etc.)


Our WME Warehouse

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